I was on a flight from San Jose Airport to Denver for a short layover before heading to my hometown of Gillette. I’m a devout Southwest fan but United is the only option when I’m flying into my hometown so I was forced to switch things up a bit. 

I had an aisle seat in the very last row, which meant I could hear everything the two flight attendants said during the course of the flight.That’s how I overheard this conversation:

It started when the first attendant asked about the best method for making the coffee.

The second attendant replied,

I just throw it in the coffee maker and when people complain I hand ‘em the email address for customer complaints.


Then he continued: The silver lining is that stops people from asking for refills!


If you are consciously neglecting one of your basic job functions, it’s clear you don’t like your job. If you don’t like your job—get a new one!

Or go the other route and list a dozen excuses why you can’t quit. Then just keep making awful coffee for people you probably can’t stand.